All The Answers Are In This Book!

Reading an Eastern book with a Western Mind

This Inspired Word of God is actually living, active and reflecting one glorious message! From past, present and future.. It is all the same message!

Yes, God used appointed and anointed men to record and protect it.

Despite all the ones arguing the validity that it is really God's written word. Their misunderstanding is due to the fact that we are reading An Eastern Book With A Western mindset. This is why it is easy for people to want to question the contradictions!

However, the more we study, meditate and read His Word.. The more we will begin understand God's character.

The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed and the old Testament is the New Testament Concealed.

Unless you are born again you cannot understand what is concealed and what is revealed!

These mysteries are hidden to you without accepting His holy spirit to come in and teach you how living and active these words are.

John 14:9 Jesus said "When you've seen me, you've seen the Father."

Paul Said, "If you look at the Heavenly you will see the

The first Adam was earthly - Concealed

The last Adam Jesus (The Lord From Heaven) - Revealed

You can't look at what is revealed and understand what is concealed

Genesis is Revelations in reverse and Revelations is Genesis backwards.

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