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Updated: May 20, 2021

Isaiah 41:24 "Whoever Chooses You Needs To Have His Head Examined."

No Coincidences - Extra Biblical!

Listen as Johnny Enlow Discusses a powerful 11:11 revelation, the return of Cyrus and - it is going to be Extra Biblical! Isaiah 41 - 48 "The rise of Cyrus To Take Down Babylon"

Isaiah Prophesied About The Return of Cyrus (Trump - Isaiah 45)

We are following the biblical pattern

Cyrus was a key game changer for the last 300 years of the old testament.

Trump has been having to "drain the swamp" like Cyrus drained the river.

Belshazzar thinks he is fine!

Parabolic Paradigm Today!

Belshazzar thinks he is king when Cyrus has already defeated him. Cyrus is behind the scenes and draining the swamp in other ways. Cyrus is doing assignments in other ways.

He is coming up the riverbed another way.

Isaiah 41-48

The King From The East (Predicted Cyrus) and the North! - Trump - Northeast

Let The People Speak! - We The People

Walking on Unfamiliar Ground - (Businessman in Politics)

Trample Babylonian Ships - Evergreen

Unloose Molech - Epstein Island Temple

Justice To The Nations - Israel is hopelessly captive - To The Cabal/ Luciferian Idol Worship

He exposed the liars and carries out the predictions of the prophets

The Coastlands (The Nations) Look To Him

Foreshadow of Christ - Shepherd - I have called you by name.

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