Hey Guys Welcome!

I am so excited .. tingling about what is happening!

Cloud Social has been getting developed since 2001

I coined Cloud Princess because I started painting the Clouds before anyone knew about the Cloud. But I developed stories about Cloud Kingdom for kids and a whole fashion line. "We will join him in the Clouds"

Cloud Studios is Located at 848 Park Avenue Lake Park. I am working on interactive virtual stories Cloud Games, clues and virtual escape room for kids at http://www.CloudPrincess.com

Lets keep in touch.. I built a social media platform Get your profile you can post and keep in touch Just got it back up and going. I coined Cloud Princess before the Cloud was invented because I was painting the clouds and creating a story and illustrating it. I am building a game for kids to follow Him in the Clouds. I came up with Cloud Kingdom as well. Waiting for our Cloud Prince!

I am on a server from israel now... i also own a server in the USA!

Together we can build a system... if i were a pilot on a plane ..... i would want the pilot that could fly the planes without computers.

i have been building websites from scratch for a long time and i know a lot about how the software started and how they are built.

"We will join him in the Clouds"

I am mostly a designer but I had to learn how to write some code and I created Addy award winning websites in Palm Beach County for Venus & Serena.

George Magazine and Dr. Shiva were looking into creating something. We can work together and have one platform that is easy for everyone to use. I am just one person so please contact me and let's join forces!

God Bless & Stay Safe Everyone!

Marsha Merington

(AKA - Marsha Cloud)

Marsha Marsha Marsha

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