How to Make Sure Your Phone Has the Emergency Broadcast System

Report By Sophie Miller

The emergency alert system allowed the President of the United States to phones will go forth across the nation.

For example, if President Trump were to initiate the Insurrection Act or Martial Law, many people believe that this would be announced through the emergency broadcast system.

This would bypass major tech companies as well as the mainstream media.

There have been many rumors about phone updates turning off these emergency notifications!

So how can you make sure that you have these emergency texts ENABLED on your phone?

Below, we’ll outline the steps necessary for both iPhone and Android users.

There have been rumors that Apple’s latest update would disable the emergency broadcast system.

Most outlets report that these rumors are false.

However, if you have an iPhone, here’s how you can manually ensure that your phone will receive any government alert, including a presidential text. Again, multiple reports claim that Apple’s latest update did not disable emergency alerts.

We still recommend double-checking using the steps above to ensure you receive any broadcasts.

These are historic times.

For the safety of yourself and your family, we recommend that everyone checks to see if their phone has the Emergency Broadcast System ENABLED!

Better safe than sorry.

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