Is Your Dog Getting The Proper Nutrition

Should Your Pet Be Eating A Ketogenic Diet?

Carbohydrates aren't essential nutrients for dogs and cats.

Don't feed your pet dry food brands rely heavily on these cheap sources of empty calories.

Most pet foods contain 30%, 50%, or even 70% carbohydrate which is not good for them

Carbohydrates aren't considered essential nutrients for dogs. In fact, your dog's ancestors avoided carbs completely for more than 99.9% of their genetic evolution.

Unhealthy fillers and carbs can lead to health issues such as inflammation, obesity, diabetes, elevated insulin and blood sugar levels, cancers, and even overall mortality.

Sadly, the average carbohydrate content of the twelve best-selling "grain-free" dry dog foods on the market today is more than 33%.

Brands such as Orijen, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, and Natural Balance* -- give the impression that they're low in total carbohydrate content, but in reality they're anything but.

The only way to make such a profound nutritional change is to switch your dog to a raw-ingredient diet or choose a Ketogenic Dog Food Brand such as Ketona.

Ketona represents the best of both worlds. The carbohydrate content of a raw diet, with the cost and convenience of a kibble.

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