Let's Look At This Logically!

Information of Dates & Times Have Been Kept Secret For Security Purposes.

You Don't Announce Your Next Chess Move

Nobody Wins By Letting The Opponent Know Your Next Move!

We Try And Provide The Truth From Different Sources

Trust Your Own Intuition. Make Your Own Judgments. Do Your Own Research

But Truth Be Told! The Federal Register Has Zero Executive Orders Registered.

Biden has been right handed all his life but signing executive orders with his left hand?

The Desk Is Not The Same Desk In The Oval Office

The Inauguration was pre-recorded and already seen around the world before the media posted it as LIVE (which it was not)

Biden Signs a Bible With Upside Down Crosses

Biden is not riding in government transportation, he had to charter his own plane for the inauguration.

Donald Trump is still being driven around in a presidential car.

The Federal Register Has Zero Executive Orders Registered.

Listen To Transparency of Elections

Search The Records Find The Truth For Yourselves Click Here

Now For A Few Laughs

The Military Band played Circus Music For The Inauguration.

Melania arrived back in Palm Beach wearing A joker outfit!

Melania Always Dresses With A Message

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