Look What God Is Doing!

God is about to awaken this Nation!

"What Does a Nation Look Like Filled With Glory."

God Is Doing A Remarkable Thing!

The Lion of Judah is Not Just Roaring! It is Ready To Pounce!

Heaven is Serving Its Justice!

Gideon went down to the river and selected the men who kept their head up face up to drink! We are now in the season of what God has spoken through the prophets. Do not yield to the spirit of fear. The Lord hates the spirit of fear

Do not put on the mask, mark, or submit to fear.

The prophetic is the opposite of what is going on in the natural. Prophets are aligning with the same messages. God gets more specific every day! Listen! He that has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches."

In Genesis ....... God breathed into Adam. The name Abel means breath. This disease is out to take our breath. Elijah restored the boy stricken by a disease that takes the breath and breathed life back into him. Then, the story was repeated with Elisha. Breathe life back into this nation! Amen!

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