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John Kerry Prophecy Robin D. Bullock

On April 13th, 2020, during a live broadcast of The Eleventh Hour, a Prophetic Word from The Lord was given through Robin D. Bullock concerning John Kerry. On April 26th, 2020, it was reported that the Iranian foreign minister said that John Kerry had leaked information about Israeli military tactics. Prophecy clip from The Eleventh Hour -

San Diego Church Shooting Prophecy

League of Nations Prophecy 8/04/2020

Prophecy Given on 9/8/2020 - Nashville

Time Was Altered & Suspended In The Bible

Prophetic Update Concerning Current Time / Joshua's Extended Day & Declaration! A Red Sea Time Is Coming Again

A Prophetic Update given through Apostle Robin D. Bullock during The Eleventh Hour on Be sure to share!

The Party of The Red Vs The Bandits

It Takes Time To Dig Out of A Landslide

Understanding The Times According To The Word of God

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