Conspiracy or The Truth Movement?

Are These The Good Guys!

The Truth Movement

Originally "Q" was four guys and a quantum computer. It was purely a military operation! A quantum computer operates at the speed of light and can look at different timelines. This computer can predict the future like no other artificial intelligence can do.

What Are Anon's?

The "Q" are not Anon's

Anon's originally started out as a paid group to do research as a military operation. They formed a team of volunteers called the "Q" Movement for a dissemination of information. They have a person appointed under a leaders administration to do the paperwork. Scottsdale Arizona is the home of the "Q" movement!

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The real reason that JFK was murdered was because he was about to do something to take down the Federal Reserve and get our money backed by the gold standard.

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Janet Ossebaard - Fall Cabal - Follow the rabbit hole!

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