Today Is The Day Of Truth

Get Your Popcorn. Google National Popcorn Day!

And It is Also Opposite Day!

Truth popcorn corn violins trump
And My Next Piece Is Called....

The CIA In Langly, Virginia, Has Been Raided By U.S. Marines This Past Weekend & The FBI Has Been Neutralized.

President Donald Trump Has Issued Martial Law Behind The Scenes.

The marines have retrieved a lot of evidence on election rigging, embezzlement, identity fraud, assassination blocks, murders, domestic terrorism and pedophilia.

The U.S. Marines have recovered 35 Trillion of U.S. Embezzled Funds.

About 100 Trillion has been embezzled by the Bushes and the Clinton's.

George H. W Bush was behind the assassination of JFK.

Hillary Clinton has issued the assassination and murder of Ron Brown, William Colby, Vince Foster and John F. Kennedy JR. And many others.

Senator Ted Cruz father was implicated with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is guilty of committing Identity Fraud

And there is much more is unfolding....

Please Pray For Our Nation! God Is Stepping In God Has Used This Brave Man To Help Mankind To Stop This Evil! God Is On Our Side!

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