We Are At The Bethel Moment In The Bible! What Is The Real Truth!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Two videos came across my path this week resounding this message to..

First was a prophetic anointed message on the eleventh hour! Then I watched the next video ..... What you don't know about Mike Pence and the Bethel Moment.

Special Thanks Pastor Robin D. Bullock for this Insight and Charlie Ward for enlightening us with the truth. This victim in his youth speaks out about what happened and his story.

Please share these two important messages. We must spread the Word! Follow Us For More Depth into the story!

The First One is from a pastor and prophet!

Prophetic Message!

Victim Testifies About His Horrifying Experience With Bethel Churches!

Amos 5:5-6

Amos 7:13

Hosaiah 10:15

Jeremiah 48:13

Please share How These Two Videos Lined Up with others!

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