What Is "Q" ?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

This Information was obtained from listening to podcasts. Like Simon Parkes

Originally "Q" was four guys and a quantum computer. It was purely a military operation! It involves a quantum computer operates at the speed of light and can look at different timelines. This computer can predict the future like no other artificial intelligence can do.

What Are Anon's?

The "Q" are not Anon's

Anon's originally started out as a paid group to do research. They formed a team of volunteers called the "Q" Movement for a dissemination of information. They have a person appointed under a leaders administration to do the paperwork.

What they wanted to do was to complete what JFK was trying to do. Reset our money back to the gold standard. This is the real reason that JFK was murdered.

How To Know if You Are Being Told The Truth!

Simon Parkes explains it better than I have ever heard even though I have been digging into the truth movement for a while now. His heart is to help the innocent and bring healing for those who have been hurt and to help people work together to bring peace around the world and to start healing centers around the globe!

What Have They Found?

Watch Janet Ossebaard video if you are ready to hear the real truth. She has done an enormous amount of research. We are anxious for her upcoming sequel which is an accumulation of massive research.

Warning: Watch all the way to the end! (Not Suitable for Children)

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