Sound The Trumpet

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Trumpets Are Very Special Instruments. When I hear trumpets I know The Kingdom we soon will see!

Meet Joshua Oliver a Trumpet Player for the Jupiter Middle School Jazz Band.

Joshua has also played the piano since he was 3 years old

Joshua is a very special kid with an I.Q of over 150. He had a perfect score in Math on the FSA test for 8th grader while he was in 6th.

He is preparing to get into Dreyfoos or Suncoast hopefully!

He built his very own computer at age 12 - and recorded it with time lapse and special effects! Watch his video!

He has his own YouTube Channel - Rxindeer

He has been recording videos since the age of 6 years old

He would appreciate more subscribers.

Oh And By The Way .. His birthday is the same as Albert Einstein March 14th 3/14/2007

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